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Guest post - Jim Bronyaur, author of IF ERRANDS COULD KILL

Let's welcome Jim Bronyaur, the author of IF ERRANDS COULD KILL on A Nook Full of Books! I'm really happy to have him here. Jim is here to talk about his newest book, as well as to answer the big question - where does the inspiration come from?

GUEST POST by Jim Bronyaur

As writers, we are faced with questions all the time. One of the most common questions involves inspiration… what makes us write? What keeps us going? What gets out of writers block? Where do we get ideas from?
Each time I see these questions, it’s hard for me to answer because most of the time, I just write. It’s my job, so I do it. I’ve come to learn that as writers we view the world and the things within the world a little differently. We pay attention to details and small events
that help shape a much bigger picture in life.

What does that exactly mean?

In my latest mystery release, If Errands Could Kill (Minivan Mom Mystery Series #1), I wrote some pivotal scenes where my lead character, Eve Bailey, interacts with her kids. I fully believe that it’s these small scenes (along with the gossipy grocery store scenes) that actually make the book entertaining. Within the book, we have a stay-at-home mom who is in the middle of a murder investigation, trying to prove that the police are wrong, and track down a murderer. She also has to be a mom and a wife too… which builds the conflict internally for Eve and externally as the outside events start to threaten herself and her family. There’s a scene with Eve when she’s talking to Cody, her only son, about skipping school. There’s a scene where she talks to her oldest daughter about soccer. There’s a scene where she talks to her youngest daughter, Penny, who claims she’s learning how to speak in a ‘bubbles language’ to understand her goldfish better.
What these scenes do is create the family life at home, but also protect the innocence of the story. It’s these small events that I see within the world that inspire me to write. Personally, no matter how bad my day is, when I done with work, my two boys are right there, ready to hug and kiss me, and tell me about their day. They’re ready to set up train tracks and play, they’re ready with their WWE action figures and wrestling rings, ready for a battle royal. That’s the innocence balance I need in my life, and as people, we all
need. It keeps us real, and alive.

I’m a horror writer by heart, because I love horror. As a kid though, I loved to read mysteries. I loved seeing something happen but not knowing why. It only seemed natural for me to move towards mystery when I needed a break from horror. I always wanted to create my own mystery series, but I wanted something fun, original, and fast. So I can up with a concept of a woman who helps to solve murders. A female Batman… no, not Catwoman – haha. But it didn’t work in my mind. I didn’t like the idea of some woman running around catching bad guys. It wasn’t exciting enough for me. Then one morning I heard the kids running around upstairs and stopped to listen. My inspiration came from the world and events around me. I listened to my wife with the kids, and thought about what she does on a daily basis as a stay-at-home mom. As the wheels started to turn, my wife was the one who finalized it all for me… she told me to write the mystery books with a soccer mom as the lead character. Then I pictured a woman in a green minivan, trying around town, trying to catch a murderer. It was too perfect to pass up.
And that’s when Eve Bailey came to life, and that’s when the Minivan Mom Mystery Series was born.

So, where does inspiration come from? The easiest answer is this… LIFE.

If you’re a writer and you’re looking for inspiration, don’t stare at the blinking cursor… because if you do, it’ll start to laugh at you. Instead, open your ears and your eyes and find inspiration. Here’s another quick example… six months ago, I was driving home. I turned up my street and a crow came out of a tree, heading towards my vehicle. It turned and started to fly, racing along side me. It stayed there for about ten seconds before it broke away and was gone. In those ten seconds, I had a new horror story already

Remember… inspiration comes from life.

Jim Bronyaur is the author of several horror, thriller, and mystery books. His latest release is If Errands Could Kill, the first book in the Minivan Mom Mystery Series. You can pick up a copy on Amazon HERE!


Up at sunrise to enjoy the quiet of a sleeping household, Eve Bailey gets her coffee, prepares breakfast for her three children, and has a spare tie ready knowing that her husband, Ben, will definitely spill something on the one he is wearing. Their oldest daughter, Delaney, is one game away from moving onto the soccer championships, their son, Cody, skipped school yesterday, and innocent 7 year old Penny is trying to communicate with her goldfish. Eve’s days are that of a typical stay at home mom.

Her typical day changes drastically after she drives Cody to school as part of his punishment for skipping school. Cody’s creepy science teacher, Mr. Jackson, approaches Eve to let her know that her check
for Cody’s field trip had bounced. Knowing it had to be an error, Eve heads to the bank to figure it out. While in line, she chats with her mother in law who works at the bank. Then she notices Janet, another
bank employee and self-made town outcast, acting very strange at the back counter.

Eve’s concern grows when she is leaving the bank and sees Janet open the gas tank door and then drives away. Against her better judgment, Eve follows Janet. What happens next is something unheard of in quiet
Marysville, Pennsylvania. Janet is murdered in front of Eve’s eyes, and the police find drugs in
her car.

Murder and drugs? It doesn’t make sense. Eve is now a witness and determined to disprove the “drug deal gone wrong” theory. Can she convince the police that she knows who the killer is, save her family, and make it to Delaney’s big soccer game in time?

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