sobota, 31 marca 2012

And the winner is...

The winner of the international giveaway for CAT GIRL'S DAY OFF by Kimberly Pauley is...

*** EvieSeo ***

Her answer to the question what (seemingly useless) superpower she'd want to have was:
To answer your question: My talent would be to get up early in the morning (I seem to have beef with early mornings, I definitely like to stay in bed until at least 10 am :P), read with a lightning speed and write awesomely witty (but not offensive) reviews :P Sounds boring, I know, but well, I'm just a simple blogger with simple blogger dreams :P I am quietly wishing for a day when my TBR pile will stop being taller than my hubby and I combined :)

That's a lovely answer, isn't it? Congratulations Evie, you have 48h to email me back. :)

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